Alturio Refosco DOC

The name Alturio (pronounced All-toor-e-oh) comes from the 18th century Italian word for "upland", which is "altura".


Friuli Aquileia DOC

Cervignano del Friuli

100% Refosco

A glass of Alturio reveals a dark ruby-red wine with luminous reflections. The nose is fine and intensely fruity. The bouquet is composed of scents of wild blackberries and notes of flowers and herbs. The palate is dry, harmonious, and full-bodied. It has a strong character and a long, pleasant aftertaste.

The vineyard experienced an early budding, which was facilitated by warm, sunny April followed by a temperate winter. As a result of these optimal conditions, the different oenological phases, beginning with the blossoming, proceeded with ahead of schedule by approximately three to four. Unfortunately, this progession was partly disrupted early hailstorms, which damaged the vineyards. The harvest began in the second half of August, and it was one of the most advanced ones in the last half century in Friuli Venezia-Giulia. The grapes were picked, between the end of September through the first ten days of October.

Friuli Aquileia DOC exhibits two distinct characteristics: in the north there is an average clay structure and towards Grado Lagoon a more pebbly and sandy area appears. An artificial aquifer grants a continuous flow of water, salt, and mineral substances to the area's vineyards. However, the key factor to this extraordinary wine is our alluvial soil. It is a loose soil, which has been shaped and reshaped by water erosion and redeposited in a non-marine setting. Alluvial soil or (Alluvium) is typically comprised of a variety of materials, including fine particles of silt and clay and larger particles of sand and gravel. This soil is found throughout the entire Tenuta Ca'Bolani Estate.

Only picked in best years 03-05-07-09—(if not it goes into regular Refosco) the grapes are harvested by hand and then gently crushed and de-stemmed. The must then undergoes fermentation and maceration on the skins for 15 days. After malolactic fermentation, the wine rests on its lees for 6 months and then ages for about 16-30 months in French Oak (225 liter), and I must determine how long the wine needs to be aged. I also need to decide whether I want to use new or used barrels. Every vintage is different. This is followed by an additional 6 months of aging in the bottle. This wine is from a single vineyard, it is 1-3 meters higher than the rest of the area. The Alturio vineyard is located by the Venetian Villa "Antonini"; it is rich in clay to maximize quality. We have 12 HE (29 Acres) of lot jo09 in MdP for this wine. Also note that we use the main refosco grape (Refosco dal peduncolo rosso) clone for our wine.



750 mL

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